Thursday, September 20, 2012

one more

Getting acclimated has been taking up a lot of my emotional and creative inner space, I guess. It seems to be all I can write about. I think I'm getting more to a point of comfort, though, and finding "my place," so to speak.

I'm really enjoying working at OHS. I know I've said that before, and it is still true. Hope it will be true for a long while. Now that several weeks have gone by, I feel like I'm making friends there. I have a lunch bunch, and while they aren't the same as the old lunch bunch (and that would be kind of weird if they were...) this group is entertaining to be around at lunch. People come in and out - including students, so I think it has that in common with the CMC crowd I had been enjoying at GHS. But I'm not just making at work friends. I think they are the kind of people you can emotionally invest in, and let into your life. Now, I'm not the kind of person that does that immediately, but to feel that it could be there? Yeah. Pretty nice.

I do have one kind of bitter sweet twinge now and then. When the afternoon rolls around and the deaf ed interpreter comes down the hall, and enters the classroom next door. It makes me think of Lou, who worked at Onate, doing that very job. Who LOVED working at Onate, doing that very job. I just have to miss her momentarily, and think about how awesome it would have been to be there with her, and her be there with me.

Even though Lou's been gone a while, now, I still miss her, and I suppose I must feel her around now and then, just checking in.

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Fran said...

I hadn't even thought about the possibility of hints of Lou floating around Onate, but of course they would be. She's probably just checking up on you, and smiling. I know she'd be tickled!