Monday, September 24, 2012

i ride my bicycle

It has taken Raine a while to decide that she wants to ride her bike. I'm not surprised, really, and I figured that when she was ready, she would ride it. She kind of did the same thing learning to ride the scooter. When the neighborhood kids showed up riding theirs, she got on hers, too. Pretty soon they were zooming through the neighborhood.

Now, it is the bike's turn. Ron had to replace a tire tube a couple weeks ago. The back tire, of course, for maximum irritation. Last week she took it out almost every evening when the neighborhood kids were playing after dinner. (I LOVE my neighborhood because she gets that experience.) Tonight she took it out again. Her confidence on it has grown, and she was riding up and down even though none of her friends were out yet.

The training wheels are still on it. At this point its because she hasn't figured out that she'll actually be able to ride it better without them. I give her maybe to the end of the week to be ready to go without them.

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