Monday, September 17, 2012

film on the list

Over the summer, I got out the boxes of home movies that my parents had taken. And the slides. And some other stuff as well. I knew all those movies and slides were in there, and that time wasn't doing them any favors. But, the emotional baggage tied to them has been heavy. I got the first batch sent to be digitized over the summer, and got them back this week.

I will admit it is kind of fun to watch those kids at Lake Roberts, and celebrating a third birthday (evidently) with a doll cake, and building a snow fortress (or something). Kinda scary to watch my grandfather toss around one of his grandchildren, but I'm sure they thought nothing of it... Wasn't one of us, before our time. So were the shots of the bay, with bunches of people swimming, and kids running around, and my mom's great dane as a puppy(!).

I lent Carl the disc, so he could check it out before I could do much with it (it was his birthday), but I did get some of the clips put together for a 3 minute stroll down memory lane. Here's the link, if you are interested... Lake Roberts  . Looking forward to getting the next set put together (yep it will be pretty random, too) to be digitized. Maybe a set of slides, then more movies. Working on that to-do list after all.

Any one know anyone that might be interested in an old movie projector? Slide projector? No?

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