Wednesday, September 12, 2012

wish list vs struggle

I look at blog posts about quilts. Not many, really, compared to what is out there, but enough. I love the fresh colors, the repeating kaleidoscopes of color. Even the quilting can grab me. I want to have them. I want to make them.

But, I struggle. Not with the crafting skills, which would understandably need improvement. That would come with practice. I struggle with lazy. With sitting here in front of the computer, instead at my sewing machine. Or in front of the TV, which hasn't been so much of an issue for a while, but I find myself there more often lately. Project Runway, Castle, I've even been able to watch Risoli & Isles, and Major Crimes, now that Raine is old enough not to be disturbed by that type of program. Of course, I've picked up the cross stitching, and that is a perfect sitting-in-front-of the-TV activity for me.

Often by the time I would really sit at the machine, it is dark out, and I'm tired. I know that creativity would help revive me, in a way, but I'm so much more able to do these things early in the day. By the time evening comes, I'm ready to sit back and not demand much precision of myself.

I know it comes down to choices, and some of the choices are even make the quilt, or look at what others have made.And those are inspiration for making. But they aren't making.

There have been times when I wished I were a little bit of an insomniac. Just a little. Get up early and do some creating when the house is quiet and others are sleeping. But, really? I know that I wouldn't be as productive as my active imagination pictures me. And grouchy? Oh, man. Yeah, that.

Still, I guess self talk is part of the process, so here it is. Make something, you! Well, tomorrow, because tonight, it's time for bed.

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