Thursday, September 13, 2012

homecoming week

This week has been homecoming week for Onate High School. All week has been a parade of kids - and teachers - in themed clothing. I'll even admit to taking part on a day or two, when my wardrobe lent itself to the theme. Tonight was the powder puff game, where the girls take the field. Saturday is the game and the dance. I am planning to take Raine to the game. We may or may not stay through the whole thing.

Here is one of the differences between my new and old job. Working out of town meant that participating in after school activities had an extra layer of "trouble" added to them. Not like ohhhh you're in trouble now, but more the it's too much trouble to drive back out to campus after I get home kind. Oh, sure, you can save the round trip and stay there... but then a long day is even longer. And forget any family involvement.

Here in town, it won't take the extra half hour each way to get to the game. It isn't an all day, or a beyond the day investment of time just to make it to the game. I know that my students appreciate my involvement as a teacher. They see my participation as a facet of caring about them. And I do. But I care about my own family as well, and sometimes that extra time was just the point that over balanced the scales.

Here's another thing about supporting one of the high schools in town. I'm also supporting the community I live in while I do it. Not someone else's community. Of course I feel like teaching there is doing the same, so there's a double support.

Some things I appreciate in my own "homecoming" week...

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