Tuesday, January 29, 2013

birthday bash rehash

Raine's party went off well. It was well attended. So well attended that we ran out of goodie bags, but the kids who didn't get them didn't really seem to mind. (thank goodness) Pizza and dump cake and ice cream were eaten. Kids ran and played and ran and played. We had reasonable weather, despite the forecast of rain that day. Thank goodness we are in NM, and it sprinkled a little in the morning and evening, but while we were at the park it was scattered clouds, and a great temperature for shirt sleeves and running. Or swinging.

busy at the park
Parents mostly dropped off their kids this year for the party. That was fine with me, as Raine's friends seem a pretty good bunch, generally speaking. The younger kids that came - some siblings and some cousins a few years younger than Raine - had parents that stayed and kept an eye on them. We had plenty of food, so they were very welcome. Everyone seemed to have a great time at the park, which seems to be a favorite.

One of the kids Raine invited, whose mom and younger sister joined in, asked me if I'd ever had any trouble getting kids to come to her parties. I said that we generally tried to keep it small, but she tended to invite the same kids every year, and went to their parties, too. The mom said that none of the kids they had invited to her son's birthday came. None. I was FLOORED. Her son is a nice kid, and although he is a grade ahead of Raine, he is among the group that plays in the street when they can.

Another family on our street was invited, too. This family had a wonderful Halloween costume party and invited the kids that play together. They had a blast playing party games and running and chasing each other, and showing off their costumes. So of course we invited their boys to Raine's birthday party. The boys didn't make it. But, the mom came (she seems a very nice woman) and said that the dad was bringing the boys (don't know what happened there, but OK it happens). She brought two girls with her. I don't know why she brought them. Don't get me wrong, they played and were pleasant and all. Just that I didn't know them, and neither did Raine. I thought it was strange, but we went with it.

The best part - for me at least - was that Steph & Pete and the girls came over from Tucson for the weekend. It was great seeing them and spending some all too infrequent time together. They helped out with the party as well. I hope they had as good of a time as we did.

peeking out!
So, all in all, another successful birthday celebration. Happy 10th birthday, Raine. I can't believe how the time is flying by.

The Birthday Girl!

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Linda said...

Sounds like everyone had a good time even the parents. I agree that it was strange for that one mother to come with two unknown girls and not bring the boys that Raine knows. Glad you had good weather and got to see your friends again as well.