Friday, January 4, 2013

new year and snow and stuff

I must be a perverse sort of person. No, not perverted, just perverse. Everyone else was writing their Happy New Year posts, and I just couldn't jump on the band wagon. I have my same resolutions... be healthier. Keep life simple. Make stuff. I'm hoping that my friends and family will be healthy and happy in this new year. I'm hoping I can remember to write 2013 for the date...

I've had a really nice holiday, with a couple of weeks off from work, but it's back to the grind on Monday. I got in touch with a cousin who I hadn't talked to in close to 25 years. We had snow yesterday, which is almost gone now, but was so nice. It must be because I live where snow is not common, but watching the falling flakes - the big fluffy wet ones - coming down from the sky still looks like magic to me. Beautiful, cold magic.

There also seems to be some magic in each New Year. The chance to start again, if not exactly start over. The hopes of good things that we wish for ourselves, and each other. It is a good magic, and I hope it falls in fat flakes all over us!

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