Tuesday, January 15, 2013

guilty as sin

I'm about 100 pages into Tami Hoag's book, Guilty as Sin. The book is about 600 pages long, and the story is building, but I find myself balking a little. I'm not as fond of courtroom mysteries as I am of good old detective ones. That is part - but not by any means all - of my hesitation.

It's the male crime writer character. He's trying to get the inside scoop on the case. You see, I really like Castle. And Nathan Fillian, of course, AS Castle. I finally figured out that I was comparing this character to Castle on some level, and then I conciously did it. He's handsome, like Castle, and rich, with the pull that follows riches and fame. Like Castle. He's persuasive and sexy, as well, definately a potential complication for the female lead. But he's slimy. Insinuating. CREEPY. Not like Castle in those ways at all. In fact, he's almost and anti-Castle. It's bugging me.

Now, the story - as I said - is moving along. I thought the Judge dying on the bench during a hearing was interesting. I'm wondering who REALLY kidnapped the kid, and who took him home. His dad might have something to do with it, or he may just be falling off his rocker. That part of the story I like well enough at this point. Not sure it will over come anti-Castle, though. Just not sure.

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Fran said...

LOL, I totally get that.

Go read some J.D. Robb. Roarke is not at all Castle, which is great!