Tuesday, January 8, 2013

first day of school, 2013 style

I met my new classes today. They seemed nice. I have a full slate this semester, teaching 4 classes, with no prep. Yeah. That's how they're doing the block schedule at LCPS these days, you only get ONE prep of the 8 sections you teach all year. It saves money. sigh.

Still, I will remember that I knew that going in, and that my trade off of time before and after school that I don't have to commute will make up for that in some ways. Also, these are the same classes I taught last semester, so I am not going in quite so cold as I did at the beginning of the first semester.

I am heartened by how low my failure rate was last semester, and I am gratified by that. Only four students total failed. Four. At Gadsden, if I had four in one class fail, it was a low failure rate...

I'm only teaching one section with Mr. Staley this semester, and truthfully, I'm going to miss having him there. I don't NEED another adult in the classroom with me, but I like his style of teaching, and so do the students. He has an awesome love of poetry, and I learned a lot from his poetry lessons with the students. I'll try to emulate them with my other English 4 classes, but as I told my students, it will be a pale comparison.

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