Saturday, November 10, 2012

in your dreams

What are the landscapes of your dreams? I have quite a few in mine. I lived a few months in San Diego, and I used to dream about it a lot. Not so much any more, but still... The San Diego in my dreams was not like the real one, but I knew, in my dream, that was where I was. I also have a dream Tucson, that is very unlike the real Tucson, but in my dreams, I know that is where I am. I visit my friend Steph and her family there, and drive around to visit familiar places. In the dream Tucson, there is an awesome library, and a mall that I wish I could really go shop in. It has some stores that I wish I could really find.

I often dream I'm in the house I grew up in. The layout is the familiar layout of the 30 some odd years my parents lived in that house. My parents still live there, in my dreams, mostly. I love answering the door of that dream house, because friends and family are always coming over to visit. There always seems to be some kind of holiday to celebrate.

Not too long ago, I was dreaming and I was in that house for a while. Something happened (I don't remember what, now) and I had to call 911. I gave the operator my parents' address, but I imediately knew that wasn't right. I gave her my current address. That - of course - caused the operator to question if I knew where I was. In my dream, my logic was that the street names had changed... remember when that happened?

In my waking thoughts, I decided that this house, the one I live in now, the one we are raising our daughter in, is finally incorporating itself into my psyche as "home." You know what? I think that is a good thing.

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Fran said...

So weird that you posted this! One fragment of last night's dream was I couldn't get to Lou's old dresser to borrow a shirt because there was someone in the room. The room was in Lou's house when we were growing up in Silver City.

Another snippet had our current alarm system in this house being triggered by mistake, but the actual house with the alarm in it was my step-grandparents' house.

Houses and dreams. Fascinating!