Sunday, November 4, 2012

the ren fair report

We had a good time at the Ren Fair. The weather was beautiful. Sunny and in the 70's, so garb was not too bad, especially in the shade. The wind was reasonably calm, the crowds were not too bad. Good for personal space, probably not as good for some of the vendors. It was fabulous to walk up to our designated area to see this:
Like the good old days...
An actual banner, proclaiming who we are. Pavillions and banners and PEOPLE!!! WOoT!

Ron in garb, and spiffy bunting made for the occasion.
We had friend come to help out from Alamogordo, and from El Paso, including the Baron & Baroness, who both did a fabulous job with demos. There was even a brief court, and awards were awarded.

Thank you, your Excellencies!
We got to see our friend Alan, dancing with the Greek folk dancing group he has been part of for many years. It was nice to see him dancing, and talk to him a little later when he found us in the SCA encampment.

Greek folk dancers
We also did some shopping. I got

My first henna!
and we each picked out a new dragon.

posing for the family photo
We even caught up with Phil, who was helping out at his brother's booth.

Beautiful day at the fair!

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Fran said...

It looks like it was wonderful! Thanks for sharing!