Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Voting is definitely on my to-do list, and yes, I got it done today. Very happy with the results of the presidential race, myself, I have to admit. I'm not one of those people who is vocal about their politics. I wish that our country's politics were more... centered. I know that I am a conservative person, but when it comes to politics, my beliefs are catagorized as liberal. Politics in general are not my favorite topic. It seems to be one of those "lets just agree to disagree" or "preaching to the choir" things to me.

Not only did we get time off to vote, we were lucky enough to get a whole day off from school on election day. Many of our local polling places are in schools, and I think that the safety issues of having all those people coming on campuses makes closing schools for the day a wise choice. You just don't know who is walking in. I don't mind benefiting from it, either.

Here in Las Cruces - not sure whether this is all over NM - we have convenience polling places. You no longer have to vote at a specified polling place. Which ever one is convenient to you that day, you can vote there. I picked the library, where they have also been holding early voting. (I'm not really sure why I didn't DO early voting...) There was a line. A pretty long line. It moved fairly quickly, but I was glad I brought my book.

Raine and I did some other errands today as well, some of which made us wait. Reading was done today by both of us. Fortunately for Raine, she got to go swimming this afternoon with Ezekiel, and the aquatics center, where they both enjoy swimming. Even though her morning was boring errands, her afternoon was saved, and her day off from school was not entirely ruined by her mom.

I'm glad I voted. I'm glad we GET to vote. I'm glad the election day has passed, and the political ads are done. For now.

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