Friday, November 2, 2012

renn fair weekend

My normally rather boring life, with few overly dramatic moments has been rather busier than usual lately. This is not a bad thing. I've been getting to know some of the people who are becoming more active in the SCA, and they seem very nice people. Making friends is a good thing. We've made bunting, and gotten some garb put together for several people. I've even had things to put into my Arts & Sciences report! I know!

This weekend is the Ren Fair, an annual event that I'm fond of, even beyond the SCA participation, although I certainly have fond rememberances of that as well. I'm actually looking forward to it being a little more of an event this year, than it has been in the past few years, and that makes me happy. Much happier than the year I went and found NO SCA presence at ALL. YiKES!

So, I hope I'll remember my camera, and my sun screen. I'm all ready wishing I had remembered to bring my rolly cart home from school. That was very handy hauling stuff on site last year. Why? Why? Why did I leave it at school?

Ren Fair. Totally on my to-do list!

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Fran said...

So absolutely wish we could be there! We're looking forward to photos!