Friday, November 23, 2012

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I don't know when I've had such a quiet Thanksgiving holiday. I mean that in the best possible sense of the word. Ok, so I went to the dentist for a cleaning on Wednesday, but it wasn't bad, and now my teeth feel all smooth and clean. I didn't get to do the crafting I still want to do with my friend Sara. She has a Cricut machine, and I really, really want to play with it. Bad. Still. She's so nice; she understands.

Thursday, we made an untraditional dinner of seafood for Thanksgiving. Yummy. And not a whole lot of prep or clean up, really. Today I used the left-overs to make a seafood chowder. Well, really it was a potato soup-ish chowder with corn and seafood. It turned out pretty good. Even Raine thought so, and she was a little doubtful at first, but she had seconds, so she must have liked it. Oh, and we're not completely crazy. We love turkey, and put one in the freezer for some other time.

Today I got to go sew with Roxanne. We are working on Christmas gifts. Fabric baskets. They are turning out very cute, I must say. Wonder how many we need... It was nice to get together to sew, because we haven't gotten to very much this fall. Roxanne has been working on her Doctorate, and has been taking the tests and trying to finish it up. I'm very proud of her for her scholarly activities, but they have cut into our sewing time, so I'll be doubly glad when she gets on a more sew-friendly schedule.

I've been working on other gifts, as well, and making some decent progress on them. I'll have to wrestle with the serger again tomorrow. Not sure if I threaded it wrong, or I just need to bite the bullet and take it in for another cleaning (it's only about a year overdue...). But I need to use it !!! I'm hoping that I've paced myself well for these gift makings. I do so enjoy making gifts and giving made gifts.

Had to buy Raine new pants. I don't normally "do" Black Friday. The crowds & all. But, she needed new pants. Like NOW. Size 14, thank you. The old ones showed her ankles... at least. We went through her drawers and now have a nice pile to donate. yay.

So, you know what's best about this long weekend? Yeah, it's that I've already had so much enjoyment, and its only actually weekend starting tomorrow. I'll get my usual chores done: laundry especially. I should also get some sewing done, and maybe a movie watched... ready for the season 2 episodes of the British series Sherlock on Netflix. Who knows what else could pop up? Thinking about my own Christmas list. Wondering if I would get practical use out of the Wii Fit program, now that Raine has a Wii... Realizing that I've probably rambled on enough for one Friday evening. Thanks, blog, for being on my to-do list, too.

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