Thursday, October 14, 2010

celtic music

I really enjoy Celtic music. It is lively, and joyful, and there is just something about the harmonies that reaches me. Because of my interest in Celtic music, I've listened to more folk music and decided that I really enjoy a lot of that as well. Notice I said fold, not country. Yeah, there is a big difference. Not so much into the "pop" music all those kids listen to today. Yep, fuddy in my duddy.

Anyway, I just spent a very pleasant hour (or almost hour) listening to Celtic music on The Thistle and Shamrock, the Celtic music show that NPR plays. They stream it afterwards, and they have the last three shows available on the Thistle and Shamrock website. LOVE. IT. Wanted to share.

One of the things about this new-fangled computer age is the ability to listen or watch when you are ready. This show comes on at a bad time for me, on the radio, but I can just listen to it whenever I want, from the web. Enjoy!

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