Tuesday, October 12, 2010

someone else's creativity

Raine went to a birthday party this evening. Oh. Yeah. I did too. Made for a long day for me, but Raine had a good time, and the party was at one of her favorite places: Chuck E Cheese.

The birthday boy is one of her friends from school, and he is a nice kid, and his family are nice people, too. I got to meet his grandmas and grandpas and even some great grandmas & great grandpas. Pretty cool, really, that lineage, and getting to know them all. One of the things that Raine won't have.

Anyway, his grandma was talking about making this cow costume for his older sister, when she was 3 or so, and how she had recently dug it up, and the girl - being a kid, as kids will - tried it on. It fit around her body, and she could get her arms in the sleeves. AH-HA thinks her grandma. She opens up the front and puts in a zipper, cuts off the little cow legs and adds them to the sleeves. Voila! a cow jacket! OMG it was really cute and fuzzy and it even had the ears and horn on the hood. I loved it!

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