Thursday, October 7, 2010

a little brag

I know that none of you (well, unless you landed here purely by accident) will be surprised if I say that I am a proud mama. Oh, sure, I am under no mistaken illusion that my child is perfect. She pushes boundaries like I never did. Still she's cute, and articulate, and bright, and a good artist. She loves to draw. She will occasionally color in a coloring book, but - really - she prefers to make up her own pictures. She's seven, and although there is a primitive quality to her drawing - not to mention a lot of dragons, creatures and dinosaurs - I think she shows some real talent.

Last summer, she took a multicultural arts and crafts class, where she got to try out some cool techniques and learn what a paisley is. Since then, her drawings have become more complex. There are tribal elements, and textures that weren't there before.

I think it is cool because, even though I'm artistic in other ways, drawing isn't my forte. Stick figures and drafting are about my speed. Her dad has much more of that graphic artist talent, spacial sense and eye for color.

I couldn't find all the pieces I was thinking of posting, but here are some that rather show (off) what I'm talking about. The first picture is - of course - Raine. The next one is a piece she did during the multicultural art class. Then there is a flying dragon with a texture, and a tribal design lizard. That is followed by a little tribal guy she drew while we were at gaming. Then is a textured and colored dragon/dinosaur. Finally, a drawing of our cat, Ginger... and a pretty good likeness, too.

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