Sunday, October 10, 2010

getting closer to done

The costume, I mean. I got to work on it for a while on Saturday. Got the wings mostly constructed, and the sleeves, too. There is some edging to be done with bias tape on both, and on the vest as well. I think it will help reinforce areas that will be pierced with grommets as well make those edges look more finished. A lot of parts are going to be tied together, and we are almost ready to start putting in the holes.I think it will look pretty cool, plus then Raine can choose the parts she wants to wear, and be creative with her costume for Halloween and beyond. The one thing I haven't tackled is a shoe cover. Something to be a dragon foot over her sneaker. I don't think it will be hard, but I haven't gotten my head all around it yet. I hope I have enough of the snake skin pleather to do the shoe covers with... and I THINK I do.

I did get my shirt finished. The one with the black and white flowers. I really like the way it turned out, yay me and Roxanne. I'll be wearing it to work tomorrow. This afternoon, I only had a short time to sew with Roxanne (some Sunday's are like that). While she finished the hems and waistband for her tan slacks, I worked on paisley. Yep, we pulled out the embroidery machine and got to work on that linen tunic top. We are ending up with Paisleys around the hemline, with a mild learning curve involving the logistics of embroidering on an already constructed garment. Evidently, embroidery should be completed on a traced out piece that isn't really even cut out yet. Then you don't have to struggle so much with getting the fabric on the hoop, or fearing that you are going to embroider the front and the back of the garment together. Still I think the paisleys will look very cool around the hemline of the top, and we can add other decorative stitching around the neckline. Each paisley takes over 10 minutes to embroider, but you push a button and the machine takes off, no footpedal to control or anything. Better than watching the drier spin the clothes!

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