Sunday, October 24, 2010

...sung to the tune of...

Earlier this evening, I started to blog. I sat there with the window open, staring at the blank page. Oh, sure I checked out Cake Wrecks, and The Customer isn't Always Right, but... hm.... nope, still nothing resembling interesting. Oh well.

I mean, I was planning to take pictures of Raine in her costume again, now that it is basically finished, and - with Carl's help - the wings are better. She got busy with friends. Kids. Isn't that JUST like them? yeah. Here are a couple of pictures of the wingier wings I hope aren't too blurry. I would leave it at that, but then I got to thinking about some of my process with that costume, and then I wanted to talk about it. Wait. So, why am I writing about talking about it instead of just writing about it?

I love the process I went through to create Raine's costume. Oh, sure I want other people to think its cool. I really want other kids to want one like hers. Then she'll think its cool too. Right? But I enjoyed envisioning the pieces, and how they would come together. I've enjoyed building it, piece by piece, and I can critique it here and there, and I've thought about what I would do, next time. Next time? Huh?

I think I could get carried away with this. Oh, sure, I actually do have ideas for another costume, based on some of what I already made. Um, yeah, I DO have the fabric, too. But, but... its a gold and red dragon, instead of a green dragon. Well, yeah, I do understand that Halloween is getting close. Yeah, she CAN only wear one costume... at a time. But she LOVES dragons. Yeah. Carried away.

I have more carried away-ness though. Sort of. I keep wondering how marketable these would be. Would kids really want them? Would parents pay for them? Would parents want one? Would I be able to sell them through Etsy? (I think that would be cool). How much time am I ready to spend on this, anyway? What about parts?

Then the brainstorm hit. (*and the music swells in the background*) Wingsleeves! (are my heart's desire) I think that I could make a sleeve, with a wing attached that you could add to a costume, or, pretty much anything you chose to wear it with. They might be sleeves to tie on, as in Renaissance garb and other versions could be sort of shrug-like. What do you think? I am really asking for feedback here. Would YOU want these? Keep in mind that I would have to practice, you might actually get some...

Is it a bad sign when just thinking of a name for something sets off the music in your head? (LA la la LA la la) Wingsleeves.

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Fran said...

LOVE IT! I'd have bought them for Ty!