Thursday, October 28, 2010

spoiled alert

Wait. Should that be spoiler alert? Nah, we definitely got spoiled tonight. You see, we ate enchiladas tonight. Home made ones. With the family gathered around, with 10 children running around and playing. The best kind of casual family gathering. I fried eggs, while Tennie and Roxanne built stacks of delicious enchiladas. When we reached critical mass (no more filled plates would fit into the oven to melt the cheese), everyone lined up to get theirs. All this while more plates are getting filled. Want a special order? This is your time to make your request.

There were beans, of course, and chips and salsa, sour cream (one of my favorites) and pickles. Enchilada dinner as usual, Las Cruces style.

So, what was special? It was the first big batch of enchiladas made with this year's chili crop. It was delicious, of course, and hot. Not as hot as some years, but definitely up there. So now, there's a freezer stuffed with bags of red chili, ready to be transformed into red enchiladas, or whatever else hits our fancy. MMmmmmm


Fran said...

....hate you....

....mean it....



Dina said...

You and Lillian are invited to join the enchilada fray any time you can make it!

... I DID warn you... LOL