Tuesday, October 5, 2010

long weekend into fall

It has been a nice, long weekend. I have graded a ton of papers, and feel like I have accomplished what I needed to, even though there are still a few left to grade. Plus whatever gets turned in tomorrow. I didn't get to sew as much as I wanted, but still, the grades need to get turned in on Friday. Half-way through the semester, you know.

Here in southern New Mexico, it has been warm through September. Not the record breaking temperatures that have hit California, but still, many days have been in the 90's. We got rain Monday night, and tonight a sprinkle as well. It was lovely and cool and cloudy this morning. I'm hoping for the same tomorrow. Finally, fall is teasing us. I looked into the trees I have in my front yard. There are definitely yellow leaves up in there, and some on the ground as well. The shedding has started. Of course the leaves hang on until the first frost, which might not happen until sometime in November, and then the trees will divest themselves of foliage within the day. Still, fall. Its coming. I know it is.

And thus starts the long, fast slide into the holiday season...


Hursh said...

Hey Dina!
This is Holly, and I found your blog, lookin up geneological information on the internet.
How is it going? I want to get in touch with you!!! I sent and email to Carl, through his facebook. you can look me up by my email, but ask him for it, because I don't want to publish it on the internet, I'd rather keep it a bit private.

Dad is doing well, and sends you his love, as do I!!!

Hugs, Holly!!!!!

Dina said...

Yay Holly! I'm so glad you found my blog, and then me! facebook is a good place to get in touch, and I love e-mail as well... Hope to talk to you more soon!