Saturday, February 12, 2011

couldn't get through it

I've been listening to Seduced by Moonlight, by Laurell K Hamilton. I checked out the disks from the library because I knew that she writes some urban fantasy type books, and lately, I have been enjoying that genre. Perhaps I would enjoy one of her other series more than this book, or maybe its just this book, and I unluckily picked it. Really. I couldn't get through it, even just listening.

I'm not big on politics or whining, and this book has plenty of both. The main character is a "princess," and her bodyguards feel like they too good for anything (or, they're too emotionally wounded). There is sex, a lot of it implied. I can deal with that. There is no adventure, though! I like adventure! Motion. Movement. A greater purpose. Nope, none of those things here.

I don't care about the main character. I don't care that to become ruler, she must get pregnant (so she has an excuse to have sex with every other character in the book, or at least considers the possibility. Please, it gets OLD!) I don't care even more that she has to make/maintain treaties to keep herself safe, nor that she buys those treaties with her body or her bodily fluids. (EWwww) I don't care how handsome her whiny body guards are. Whiny is SO. NOT. SEXY.

So, anyway, I got through 4 of 12 discs, and I'm done. If I'd been struggling through an actual print book, I probably wouldn't have gotten past the first chapter. Is this book typical Hamilton?


Fran said...

Oh good heavens, is this the first Laurell K you've read? Not a good choice, I'm afraid.

If you read, oh say the first seven Anita Blake books, you'd enjoy them. Then they got seriously weird, and after a while it was porn with a few arguments thrown in and the action just faded.

If you can find her very first book ever, Nightseer, I suspect you'd like that one very much. It's a straight-up D&D fantasy, and it's really pretty good.

If you're looking for new urban fantasy authors, I've got a list!

Dina said...

Thank you Fran, I might enjoy some of the earlier stuff, it sounds like. I'd be happy to get the list, though!