Thursday, February 10, 2011

i miss something I never had

It is - at least in part - facebook's fault. I talk to people and keep up with them on facebook. Some of my cousins that I haven't talked to for years, and I missed. Life keeps moving on, and whether you like it or not, sometimes people fall by the way, even though they shouldn't. Since my parents died, it has been harder to keep up with extended family, who are all busy with living their lives in those extended places.

I've also reconnected with some friends who have moved onwards. Time has brought us children to add to the time and distance. Children I would enjoy getting to know, watching grow. I enjoy looking at their photos, and sharing the antics of theirs and mine. But, I miss them, too. I miss that we don't get to hang out and let our kids play together, and argue and - yeah, OK - scream with each other. I miss the family that we created, and then had to let fly. I miss it, but while we were all in the same place at the same time, the kids were only starting to start. Or they were older. But I know how we all kind of pitched it with the kids who were here, and I would love that to happen for/with Raine. It won't though, there was some kind of magic going on. Or something.

So, I will continue to enjoy the photos and the stories, and the updates, and wish we were the still the village, raising these kids together. Supporting each other.

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