Monday, February 7, 2011

not as planned

This year we planned to give Raine a swimming party for her birthday. After all, the new indoor municipal pool has opened and she and I have been enjoying it for a while now. So, we booked one of their party rooms, and Raine filled out her invitations and delivered them.

Then, mother nature made some deliveries, too. Snow, of course, and the coldest weather we've had in quite a while. The electric power stations were hard pressed to operate in the cold, and so there were rolling blackouts for several days. Many facilities closed (in fact I didn't go back to school today, even though Raine did - GHS was still having water issues) for the duration. The pool manager called and said we would either get a refund or we could reschedule. Sigh.

We relocated the party, because Raine's birthday has already passed, and the pool scheduling made us have the party later than we would have liked. We went to her close second choice, and the kids who made it had a good time, and that's the important thing.

It has been suggested that maybe a happy unbirthday party at the pool some other time might be just the thing. I'm inclined to agree... but maybe not THIS month...

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Fran said...

I was kind of thinking an un-birthday, yay-school-is-out type party, actually. More summerish, y'know?

But I'm glad everyone had a good time because when all's said and done, that's what matters.