Sunday, February 20, 2011

thank you presidents

For having birthdays for us to celebrate. By celebrate, I mean, not WORK. Well, at least not GO to work. I still have some grading to do, that I have been avoiding so far this weekend. I've also been working on other projects, though, as well.

I did a google search, and got to some directions for a crocheted Tam 'o shanter. One of those hats. The directions were printed in the 1890's, by a yarn company. They suggested it be made of silk (for the troops, who could carry the hat in their pockets) and it told how many spools of their silk thread to buy. It has no mention of what weight, how many yards of silk, or what size of hook to use. Hmmm I went to Hobby Lobby and found a silk and bamboo blend, that is about a sport weight, then I came home and found a size D hook, that looked like it would do the trick. So far, that pattern is pretty easy to follow. I'll let you know how it turns out, size and all.

Another cool thing that I found out today is here. I grew up with Sheri Bone, and she was smart, and funny and athletic, and one of the nicest all-around people you could ever know. Oh, yeah, and beautiful. That she has gotten where she is today is testament to that and more. I'm glad she shared this with me, and I think that she is pretty awesome.

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