Monday, February 14, 2011

oh my darlin'

It is Valentine's Day, today. Another excuse for crass commercialism in the land of America. Crass commercialism and parties. At school, the balloons, and flowers and... well everything... were quite distracting. My students could hardly think of anything else, except maybe candy. I saw at least two girls walking around with stuffed animals as big as they were.

Here at my house, things were a bit simpler. We had a really nice dinner at a new Vietnamese restaurant. The second time we've eaten there, and we are still happy with it and looking forward to the next time. mmmmm

Raine filled out Valentine cards for her classmates, and had a little Valentine party at school. I will admit, when I was in elementary school, Valentine's was my favorite holiday to celebrate at school. We made "mail" boxes for our cards to go in. We did other crafts as well, with glue and glitter and paper doilies, often heart-shaped. But the best thing of all was exchanging cards. The excitement of getting all those cards to read was a big deal to me. I still love getting mail.

I will say that I am happy for having my family, and thankful for them. I'm not so romantic or sentimental (if that's the right word) that I need Valentine gifts or much beyond, really, the acknowledgment that others are thankful, too.

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