Sunday, February 27, 2011

a little dreaming

There is nothing better after a rant than a deep, cleansing breath. Good air in, bad energy out.

I've been looking recently at some FABULOUS crafting blogs. Eventually, I will probably pick out a few to share, but right now I'm exploring. It is wonderful for me, because these are new to me. I hadn't stumbled upon them before, but one leads to another, which leads to the next. This is a network that I want to be part of. That, however is not the dream.

I get a little jealous because a lot of these people (women so far, but I'm not limiting my view) stay home and work on their crafts. Its such a nice ideal. I want that. I'm sure their houses are always clean and their children never demand their attention during a critical moment of calculating.

No, wait. I bet that isn't the case at all.

Still, I dream about having more creative crafting time. Time to try out all these wonderful projects I see, and the ones I think up. I would like to make some more sleeve wings, like Raine's halloween costume, and so much more that I won't list here. But there are bills, and food, and... and.... and.... So, off to work I go. And I still am working it out in my head, and in my life the way to make it all pay for itself, this love of crafting, so that there is a realistic way to accomplish it.

And here's something new for my personal to-do list, that one of the bloggers mentioned and I thought was an excellent challenge: make something from each of the craft books they owned. I love that challenge!


Fran said...

Even if you made only one item per crafting book, you could be busy for years! Wouldn't that be splendiferous?

Dina said...

Pretty much! :^)