Monday, June 13, 2011

ap class day one

The class I thought I signed up for is not the one I got registered for. Sigh. So the pretentious book? Yeah, I didn't need to read it. I found out that the AP kids at Cruces High read it, though. Lucky them.

I got to be in the composition & rhetoric class, which is fine after all. I could use some new things to think about when it comes to teaching writing. I must say that I'll be pretty quiet and agreeable about things, as I'm not as motivated about the class as I thought I would be. Still, I've picked up some interesting materials. We've talked about an interesting way to do the brainwork for analyzing a poem in preparation for writing the analysis. Had a nice lunch in the park, and some even better pulled pork for dinner (thanks Carl). Even got in an evening walk, and some enjoyable conversation with company from out of town. Now? sleeeeep.

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