Thursday, June 9, 2011

closing in on a blogging level

Geeky gamer reference there, in case you don't understand the whole leveling up thing... (I have relatives who are perfectly nice people, even if they don't game, and who just might be reading this someday...)

So I have a web site now. It is seriously under construction so far, while I figure out just what I want to do with it. I've given it the "Createlivity" name, and I've added a background and a intro statement and a picture. Yeah. Moving right along....

I've been writing in this blog for 3 years now, mostly a journal type blog. I practice my writing in an informal, conversational way with tidbits from my life that may be interesting to friends and family, and not many more. That's OK. That's what kind of blog it is. I'm at a point, though, that I have to grow or stagnate. I still want to write, but I also want to accomplish something with it.

Off and on, I've written about wanting to do something more geek crafter making stuff. I've started another blog here called Createlivity, where I post things that I've made (I try not to double post stuff with this blog too much). I want to do more with it though, but I've been kind of at a road block... I enjoy making stuff, and sharing it, but I don't know that I have expertise to share. I don't know that I've found my "thing(s)" that give me my niche. Maybe I don't have a niche, but that's another topic for another day.

I did come to a realization of sorts, today, though. It's simple, really (as many are) and seemingly obvious, even if it only is now. Do stuff, and write about it. DO stuff, and write about it. Wait, one more time... DO STUFF and WRITE about it. Yeah.

Only not just the stuff I do here, like cleaning out the linen closet (still totally happy with that though). Craft stuff. Take pictures of the steps along the way, not just the finished product. Talk about problems and solutions (there are plenty), and the learning curve. Have fun and share it.

Am I making sense here, or just blathering...

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Fran said...

Making perfect sense.

With a generic blog, I know I ran into the "what the hell do I want/need to say NOW" syndrome. Having a reason to blog, in your case making things and showing us the steps, takes a lot of pressure off and would give you the niche you're looking for.

I say go for it!