Sunday, June 26, 2011

this and that

Had a nice visit from a high school friend this past week. She spent a few nights with me, and then about a week in Cloudcroft, revisiting places from her childhood, and new places as well. It was nice visiting with her and reconnecting.

Now, its my turn for some travel, and I'll be going to Tucson for about a week. I wish Ron could break out of his work schedule, but that is not to be this time. With one thing and another, my friend Steph has had a rough couple of months, but we are both looking forward to spending some time together.

I'm planning on doing some sewing with her, and we'll both enjoy that. I also have that quilt to finish. I have the top and the back finished, but now it is a matter of putting the layers together, binding and quilting it. Before I get to those last two things, though, I want to practice with the new sewing machine feet that Carl give me for my birthday. One should work for binding, the other for quilting. How cool is that?

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