Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the tucson trip

We had a very nice time in Tucson, visiting Pete, Steph, Sedona, and Anasazi. Raine played with Ana almost nonstop, and both girls enjoyed themselves. Raine got to swim every day, I think, and even got to go horseback riding. We went to Roosevelt lake for a day and had a blast swimming, pulling and or riding a tube, and a couple of people even tried skiing. On the Fourth of July, we were invited to a nice party, with swimming, great food, and fun conversation. We even got to sit through a rainstorm, which cooled everything down nicely for the patio fun.

There were things that I missed out on, like Steph and I had wanted to sew together, but we didn't get to it. The last couple of months at her house have not been pretty, with one thing and another, and while things are calming down - thank goodness - she was definitely in a "take it easy" mode. One which we all seemed happy to adopt, really. So, while every moment wasn't full & exciting (like I care) the time flew by anyway.

Ron made a very cool coat while I was away, and I think I may take a photo or two of it tomorrow. And then get some sewing of my own under way.

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