Wednesday, July 20, 2011

some progress

Well, I really made some progress on my craft room today. I took all the tubs off of one of the shelving units, and moved it and swept under and around it. Then - as if that wasn't enough - I took the tubs, and went through them, and sorted out the fabric. No, I didn't wash and iron and fold this time. Too much! too much! But I did sort out all the flannels, and all the linen types, and denim/twills into separate tubs. Then, I put them back on the shelves. End result? Yeah, it doesn't really look much different at this point, except the floor looks cleaner. But, on the inside of the tubs? MUCH better, lol.

I pulled out some old aprons that I don't remember seeing before. I'll try finding homes for those. And I did actually make a pile to wash. I'll be cutting some quilt squares out of those pieces. And I started on organizing my doll clothes making stuff. I hope to have it back on the shelves by tomorrow, and get a little sewing done, now that I've made some space for it.

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