Thursday, July 14, 2011

july and rain

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, we had some pretty spectacular storms. Lightening and thunder - and power outages - along with some much needed rain. Yay.

Evidently, a rainy evening with the chance for power outages calls for a camp-out. So, we set up a shelter, where Raine could utilize the comfyness of her taun-taun (yeah, I know, I'm not much of a geek if I can't spell it) sleeping bag, and the reassurance of her battery powered lantern. I learned the lesson to take the picture, even if she's sleeping, and the flash didn't bother her a bit. It does light everything up, though (hmmm think it's supposed to do that?) which gives the impression of a brighter room than it actually is.

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Fran said...

Living room camping! That can be the absolute best!