Wednesday, July 27, 2011

cuff 'em

I finished three shirts this evening. By finish, I mean that mostly I put on the button holes, and then sewed on the buttons. One of the shirts, however needed the cuffs and a hem. Hem was easy peasy, but the cuffs.... well they were easy, too.

First, let me say that the cuffs are purely decorative. Turned up and no buttons or anything, but they still had to "finish" the ends of the sleeves. I hate putting on cuffs, with the slit and all. Not my best work. I feel almost like I cheated on these cuffs. See, I used bias tape. Once around on one side to hook everything together, fold it over, sew on the other fold and hide all the raw edges inside. Done!

Now, if I could just figure out how to do that with collars!
(pictures coming tomorrow!) Pictures here now! The first is the cuff on the outside. The next is the inside of the cuff, showing the bias tape. The third is - of course - Raine, modelling her new white (dress code for school) shirt.

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