Friday, July 29, 2011

one more trip

Earlier this summer, my niece, Shelbi, came to visit for a week. I posted about it. We had a great time. Mention was made about Raine going to stay with Shelbi for a while sometime this summer.

This morning, my brother John texted me. I texted back, and - after running a load of laundry - Raine and I packed her up and headed for Truth or Consequences. As soon as she got there, it was time to put on her bathing suit and head for the pool. (Raine's kind of activity!) I got to visit for a bit with John, and see his vegetable garden, which wasn't huge, but beats mine all to heck. Sometimes its hard for me to picture John even HAVING a vegetable garden...

I got to drive through some rain on the way home and enjoy looking at the clouds moving from northeast to southwest. At home, a quiet evening by myself, catching up on blogs and listening to Blackmore's Night. Not a bad way to end the week before the start of school.

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