Sunday, July 31, 2011

summer recap

It's back to school tomorrow, so for me, despite the coming months of hot weather, summer is over. The vacation part of the summer, that is. It was a good summer and I would like it to last longer. Even so, I'm not feeling anxious about work tomorrow, more... anticipation. As if this evening I'm biding my time until it's time to go. Part of that is all the things I got to do over the summer.

I read books. I read on my Kindle, and the more traditional kind. Raine and I went to the library almost every week. We both enjoyed the books we checked out. I even got through some non-fiction titles (almost unheard-of for me). I enjoyed Charlaine Harris, getting through a couple of her Grave Secrets series, as well as the latest Sookie. I started Yasmine Galenorn's psychic series. I just finished Tess Gerritson, Body Double. It has been a long time since I was able to read so much, and I have really enjoyed it.

I sewed. I made my first completed quilt, and since my mom had cut the pieces, it was kind of like I got to collaborate with her again and that was a pretty special feeling. It won't be the last quilt I ever make. While Roxanne and I didn't get to sew as often as we had wanted to and planned (life just happens) we enjoyed the time we had and got several things done. We both sorted through our sewing stashes and found things we didn't remember we had. Today we finished up a pair of denim pants that Roxanne found that we had forgotten all about. We worked on a knit jacket and pants for her, and a top for me. We are nearing the bottom of the basket of cut out stuff, and are discussing what we want to work on next!

I traveled. Not as much as I would have liked, but did get to hit the road a little bit. Carl, Raine and I went to Tucson, and while we were there we got to drive up to Lake Roosevelt and play in their boat. That was fun. I took Raine to T or C so she could stay with John and Shelbi for a bit. I got a decent visit of a couple hours with John and got to admire his garden. (garden envy) He sent home some yummy squash with me, too.

I got to the Farmer's Market. I even got to renew a friendship with someone who I'd lost track of for a while, thanks to the Market. She and her husband have a booth, and sell benches, tables, and other furniture they've refurbished/remade. I'm loving the produce I get there, too.

I even got to help Raine have a good summer. She traveled to Tucson, North Carolina, and now to T or C. She got to swim and swim and swim. She made it to White Sands a couple of times. She got to participate in music camp, and perform. Shelbi came and stayed for a week. Raine got to spend lots of time with her best friend, and even make new friends, too. Now she'll have a couple of quieter weeks (although Ezekiel will still be around) and be bored enough to be ready to start school, soon.

So, now I'm going to get back to those things one does on the last day of vacation: laundry, getting things ready to take tomorrow, heading for bed early, making sure the alarm is set correctly.

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