Monday, July 18, 2011

fabric stashes

I've been working on organizing my fabric stash this summer. I've already been working on one project - the quilt - inspired by, and to distract me from that job. (and isn't it nice of Ginger the cat to help me with that project?) I think I've washed about 5 loads of these pieces. To be fair, some are not really scraps, but a yard or more of fabric. The lint from them though, was amazing. I've ironed and folded neatly, and almost got everything into tubs so I can put them away. It's a good job of condensing into fewer containers. I spritzed and ironed enough hours over the course of the week to make the arthritis in my hands complain at me. I've stopped short of the point where I complain about what they are saying to me, though. Fortunately.

I keep finding fabric though. For instance I opened a box that had trims in it. Oh yeah, that's where that went. The next box over... full of solids. WHAT?!? I haven't been brave enough to open the tub marked "bottom weights" to remind myself how full it is. The good news is that the quilt won't be the only project inspired by my efforts. More good news is that my craft room will be that much more organized (I think it may never be more than a work in progress, though, sigh). Still, stuff has left my house. There are empty containers as a result.

I just wish the sewing table was more clear because I sure would like to use it tomorrow. OK, everything, shift stage left...

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