Saturday, July 30, 2011

stress dreams

Mine come in many shapes and sizes, and I've learned to expect them right before school starts. Many times, I can't find my classroom, and the school hallway stretches beyond the horizon. Often I've just stepped into the hallway for a moment, and then the classroom is lost. Other times, an administrator is waiting for me along with my students. The bells are ringing, and I just won't be there when I should be.

There are variations, though. Swarming ants was one of last night's. It's interesting because a version of swarming ants has been a recurring nightmare for me since I was a kid. This one was different, though, they weren't swarming over me in my bed. (Whew) One year, I dreamed that the school was having an assembly with the kids in the bleachers at the football field. All the teachers were given tranquilizer dart guns to use if a kid got unruly. I thought it was amazing. A kid misbehaves, and you put him/her to sleep. Then they miss stuff, which is kind of an ultimate torture for a kid. Of course you had to be a good shot, to be effective, but even if you got the wrong one, they just went to sleep, nothing permanent done.

That reminds me of the movie we watched last night, which was The Green Hornet (please don't confuse it with the Green Lantern!). The Hornet had a gas gun that would put the bad guys to sleep. Not darts... hmmm... Anyway, Seth Green helped write and produce it, and it was definitely a comedy. Silly in parts, but amusing.

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