Saturday, July 9, 2011

ironing, that's what

When you sew, you get left-over fabric. You just do. (Better to over-estimate fabric needed than under-estimate - just sayin'.) Of course that means I have quite a collection.

What got me started? Finding the makings for that little quilt was part of it. Wanting to clean up the craft room was another. The top of one of the bins had gotten brittle, and was breaking to bits. So, I went through them. I've washed them, and now I'm in the process of sorting the second sort. What is this piece good for? What about that one? I've saved a lot of them for quilting that was to come, and is starting, it would seem. I also enjoy sewing up the odd Barbie outfit. (are they disappearing?) Bits and pieces of fabric. Bigger odds and ends as well, some big enough to actually make something of.

Needless to say, projects are coming to mind. This is a good thing, and might even give me a good reason to actually finish the task I've started, even though the "fun part" is done.

So now I have a tub of these odds and ends, and the sorting is kind of slow. I mentioned ironing, right? If they are to be folded neatly, for future finding and use, or cutting into quilt squares then mangled by wrinkles just won't do. So, I've done too much ironing today (admittedly an easy threshold to reach). I've done a little bit of square cutting. Tomorrow, though, I want to sew. That basket is calling out to me, jealous of the attention being squandered on the others.

I got the little quilt quilted. I did it on my machine (no surprise there, I'm sure) and it was - as the rest has been - a learning experience. All that is left for it is the binding.

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