Wednesday, July 6, 2011

soo sookie

First of all, I know, right? Another entry so soon? Woah, watch out for vacation energation (yeah, I just made that word up...)

I just this morning finished the latest installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series, by Charlaine Harris. Yes, I really enjoyed it, although I'm wondering what Sookie will get up to next time, since it seems like Eric Northman, the vampire is moving on. It was actually one of the more forthright of the series. Maybe not the best book of the series, but, I really enjoyed it, finishing it in about three days (hey, I was driving yesterday - and I don't read and drive, thank you very much). Ready for the next installment, though.

While we were in Tucson, we caught an episode of True Blood, you know the HBO series based on the Harris books. Carl and I sat through it, throwing up our hands, and asking "What?!?!" and "Why?!?!?" almost all the way through. At this point, although the characters have recognizable names, the story line is... basically unrecognizable. Sigh. We had worked our way through season 3, thanks to Netflix, but season 4? I tend to not think so. The things that we enjoyed about the books, were the things that we looked for in the series. Those also happen to be the very things missing from it. Probably had enough of this one.

It is a question that I would ask Ms. Harris if I could. Do you like/care what they have done with your characters? With your creation? I'm sure it is money and fame, but is the cost worth it? And I ask these questions sincerely, not rhetorically. I really would like to know how she feels about it.


Fran said...

People have asked Charlaine that. Her public response is that she's thrilled. Honestly, I think that's all she can say, at least for now. The popularity of the TV series has seriously boosted her book sales, and I don't doubt she's getting a nice stipend.

That being said, movies/TV are frequently very different from the books. I haven't read the Rizzoli and Isles books, but I gather the series is different, and I know for a fact that there's a huge difference between the Kathy Reichs books and "Bones". It's just hte nature of the beast.

Dina said...

Yes, I can believe that would be her response... at least for now. It seems to be a two edged sword, though, doesn't it? The money is nice, and of course it is her living and I'm glad she's making one. Still, there is something to be said about the creative control that is lost when the work changes media. And, yes it is the nature of the beast (often to the detriment of the beast).