Wednesday, August 3, 2011

nothing like certainty

... and planning

.... and heat...

So, Monday morning, first day of work. Teacher preparation day. Get the class room set up. All that kind of stuff. The last thing they've told me about what I'm going to teach this semester is, "as we discussed last spring..." Which would be 3 sections of credit recovery. As far as I know. But they really didn't say. I look online for my rosters, and see one class of English 1 populated (oh, besides I-CAT which is the class I will be advising).

When I get there (after waiting more than an hour in a line to get my classroom key checked out to me), I get a look at the master schedule. Sure enough, one English 1 class, and the other 2 should be credit recovery. By the end of the day, I have another English 1 class scheduled - the must be more freshmen than expected this year - and still no one in credit recovery.

So, today I went to several people, trying to get names of students who might be eligible for, benefit from, and be interested in taking a credit recovery online course for one reason or another. I got a few names, and thought about guidelines to figure out who to suggest. I am afraid if I don't do it, it won't get done, and then where will I be?

...and the heat? Well, as I talked about last year, and probably the year before, summer in my classroom is NOT pleasant. Heat and sweating and ack! (and ick!) so. That is how my semester is shaping up so far.


Fran said...

Okay, I'm curious. What IS "credit recovery"?

Dina said...

What a very good question! Well, there are (I'm sure you are not surprised at this) companies that create high school courses that can be taken online. High schools can use those courses to give students flexible opportunities to make up credits for classes they have previously failed. It also can be used in home-bound cases, etc. Our requirements are that the student has to have failed the course at least once because to earn the credit, there has to have been contact time with a certified teacher in that subject. Our third year freshmen, for example. Seniors who lack that one. last. credit. to be able to graduate. There are even some tutorial type "classes" for students who are having trouble passing the competency/exit exam. So, recovering credits that they have lost at some time or another in their high school career.

Fran said...

What a great program! So for you, is it a one-on-one situation, like tutoring? Or do you have several students at computers working on various classes at the same time?

Dina said...

The plan is to have several students in a computer lab, working on their individual classes at the same time, while I'm there to lend support, answer questions and keep them on track to get through the course in a timely fashion. This semester, it looks like there will only be one class period, but next semester, hopefully more. Of course the students can even work from home if they have computer & internet.