Sunday, August 7, 2011

another sunday sewing post

Roxanne and I got to sew today. While she did some garment revisions (put elastic in the ends of the sleeves for a top, and put a new button on some pants) I finished a top we had been working on (for me) last week. I'm really excited about this new top. Every time I see the fabric, I think it is so pretty, with a range of teal, dark and light, flowers outlined in a little gold. It is a new pattern, too, with a cross-over front. I had to modify it a little so there wouldn't be cleavage. Yes I know many women are fine with showing cleavage, but I would rather not. Anyway, we finished it, and I am all ready to wear it to school one day this week. I'll get to wear another new shirt too, YAY!

Our other projects today were to finish some pants for Roxanne, that go with a little jacket we put together last week. We sewed up a pair of shorts for Raine that were bright green and had spiders on them (a very fun fabric). I think she liked them, as she put them on as soon as we got home with them. We also finished up a sleeveless tunic top for Roxanne that turned out well. She was looking forward to wearing it under a lab coat this semester.

Well, I know you would like pictures of all these finished projects, and I would love to include them, but - alas - while I took my camera along today (often I forget it), today I forgot to load the memory chip into the computer to STORE the photos. Sigh. Look for updates, with pictures on my new(ish) Createlivity web site!

As usual, Roxanne and I enjoyed our time together, chatting and sewing and making things and being creative. We look forward to it every week.

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