Tuesday, August 9, 2011

quilts, i must have quilts

I've been doing a good/bad thing. I've been looking at other people's sewing and crafting blogs. People are making some amazing things out there. Of course, one of the reasons that I'm looking is that I'm hoping that some day, my sewing/crafting blog will be out there inspiring people, too.

There are some pretty amazing quilts out there, and some awesome quilt-a-longs, and quilting bees and the like. There are many things I like about some of the "modern" quilters, although I'm not sure my personal sensibilities on quilts would throw me in with them. There are some things that I love, like pieced backs on the quilts and I think my tendency to want to put sashing around my blocks fits with their sensibilities. I truly enjoy the use of color. I only wish _I_ could use color intentionally like that. Maybe. Someday. Sigh.

There are other things that don't fit with my esthetic. Some of the strip quilting is... well, not exactly too random, but there are some I don't enjoy as much as other designs. Maybe there are some that are a little too minimalist for me. Not sure what it is that just isn't me.

Now here's the thing about making quilts, though. You have to have a plan for them. What are they going to be when they get finished? Bedspread? Picnic spread? New baby gift? When are enough quilts enough. I mean, they make wonderful gifts. I treasure the quilts that my mom and grandmothers made for me. I expect that I will gift some that (I hope) will be equally treasured. But then what? Charity give-away is one possibility. Selling them? How much of a market is there? How good do they need to be? Who knows the answers to all my questions?

Woah, there. Don't get so far ahead of yourself, Dina. You finished a baby sized quilt, and you knew what you were going to do with it, and you did. The quilts you and Roxanne are working on are going more slowly than expected, thanks to not getting to sew as much as anticipated over the summer (yeah, but I cut a lot of squares that are ready to be sewn! that's something!). Maybe I should just take it - as most things - one project at a time.

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