Monday, August 29, 2011

take it on the chin

Ron is leaving me. Truthfully, he checked out of the relationship about a year ago, and has been growing more distant, so it is not a complete surprise. What was a surprise was coming home to the boxes and an email saying he was moving out. He'll have his stuff gone by tomorrow. He won't even talk to me face to face about it. But then, I suppose if he could, we wouldn't be HERE now.

It hurts. Of course it hurts. I suppose it will stop hurting sooner, rather than dragging it all out even longer. The past year has not been all that fun. For either of us, I suppose. We aren't yellers, or the type to destroy stuff out of spite, so I guess there is that.

I have Raine, who is pretty precious, so I can't say the past 11 years were totally a waste. I've learned some things about relationships, and about myself as well.

For now, though. For right now, it is a blow.


Fran said...

Oh shit, honey! I am so so sorry! Feel free to email me and vent all you want!

Ah hell.


Vic said...

WHAT !!!!! Dina, give me a call.