Sunday, August 21, 2011


What I should have been doing this afternoon: grading papers and updating grades in the grading program.

What I did this afternoon: cut out two pair of pants and two pair of shorts for Raine. She needs some more twill pants for school. Her school has a uniform dress code, so she can only wear blue or khaki pants, shorts, or skirts. I made her a couple white, button down shirts during the summer, but didn't get to the pants. Now that they are cut out, it won't take long to get them sewn up. I hope to do it some time this week, in fact.

I also planned some other projects that I want to cut out, which include a shirt for Carl, one for Ron, and three for me. I have picked up two pieces of fabric that absolutely make me happy every time I see either one. I want shirts from them. In the picture, here, I want them like that green top the model is wearing. It reminds me of some tops I had many years ago, that I really liked.

Then, I spent a couple of hours on grades after the house quieted down this evening. Not quite where I need to be on it, but within sight...

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