Wednesday, August 17, 2011

back to the top of the cycle

As I have mentioned a time or two... or ten... my cousin Roxanne and I enjoy getting together on Sundays and sewing. We've made numerous garments for ourselves and others, a wedding dress, and are currently working on quilts for both of us. We keep a small laundry basket piled with projects, and we reach in and see what we feel like sewing, or what one of us needs, and we get busy putting it together.

Well, it is time to fill the basket. I've been gathering my patterns, and I have a few more than I remembered. I went through my fabrics during the summer, and since that was pretty recently, I have a fairly good idea of what I have on hand, and what I want to make from it. I think Roxanne has been doing some of the same. And of course we've found inspiration in various places, and will want to see what we can do with that.

This weekend, we'll look through the patterns and the stashes, and the inspirations, and maybe even get one or two things cut out, and fill the basket so we can cut a few along the way. Can you tell the cutting isn't our favorite part? We will also think about our holiday sewing, and planning for that. So we can get started on it before November. Hopefully.

So anyway, planning, then carrying through. Hooray for sewing!

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