Saturday, August 13, 2011

quilty squares

Roxanne and I worked on quilt squares today. We sat down with the pieces we had cut out, and put fabrics together, and decided what would go together as sets. Once we were done with that, I laid a couple of the sets out on the table. Then, I got started cutting out more pieces. Roxanne sewed together the sets. We got 12 squares done today to bring our total to 44 (unless I miscounted - which is entirely possible). That is about one quarter of what we had figured out we would need for the quilts we wanted to make. Not as far along as we had hoped, actually. It is the process, though, as much as the product, that we are interested in. We won't beat ourselves up if we don't finish in our timeline.

The squares we made today are beautiful, and we teased each other about who would get which one. Our plan is actually to divide them up, so that neither quilt will have a pattern progression of fabric. We had a lovely afternoon.

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