Monday, August 15, 2011

hidden valley

Recently, Carl decided it was time to make a batch of some GOOD ranch dressing. The kind Hidden Valley puts in the little packets, and you mix with mayo and buttermilk. Yeah. That one.

This stuff takes me back to my younger days, when my grannie would make it for one of our younger cousins, because she would eat just about anything if she could dip it in ranch. I thought she was spoiled, but I also thought it was cool that Grannie would go to the trouble to make it for her.

Why is it that Hidden Valley makes the yummiest ranch? Why doesn't their pre-made bottled ranch taste like THAT? So, yeah, our celery consumption is up. Carrots, too. We manage, just barely at times, not to just dip our fingers in and lick that.

We did find some of the mix at Sam's though, much to both our surprise. It wasn't in the little packets, though, it was in a kind of spice bottle thingy, though not as large as some of the spice bottle thingies you get at those warehouse kind of stores.

Put away the bottled dressing. Go get the package... and pick up some buttermilk while you are at the store. Stir it up, and watch the veggies disappear.

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