Saturday, June 4, 2011

winding up the week

Shelbi will be going home tomorrow. We've had a great time with her while she was here, and enjoyed the time. We miss her when we don't get to see her for so long, so hopefully we'll be able to see her again this summer.

The girls got to do a couple of day trips, one to White Sands (where they got to play on the dunes), and one to Ft. Seldon (where they got to play in the river). They got to hit the pool, twice, first the outdoor pool, where they got to go down the slide time after time because there weren't many people there, and the indoor pool, which has an even bigger slide that was also a lot of fun. They even got to do a little shopping, as they had both earned a few dollars pulling weeds in my yard. The yard looks SO much better now. Guess we'll work on the back yard next week.

We did some crafts. Raine & Shelbi each picked out something wooden to paint at Hobby Lobby. Raine found an articulated snake (she's been coveting it for a while now, actually) and Shelbi wanted to put her initials on a plaque for her bedroom door. They picked out some paint, and had a good time painting their projects... and the front porch. Both girls got to practice crocheting a bit, too.

Today we went to Roxanne's and worked on a few clothes for Shelbi to get to take home with her. We finished all but one piece, which I will be able to finish up quickly tomorrow. Yes, of course, I'll take pictures. Maybe we can even get to the pool one last time before she goes home.

Over all, I would say a wonderful way to start the summer!

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Fran said...

That snake looks real! And I have to admit that I had several articulated snakes as a kid, so I'm quite impressed.

Shelbi's plaque is going to be gorgeous too, and I do love the colors.

I'm so glad y'all are having fun. What a grand beginning to a wonderful summer!