Friday, June 10, 2011

music camp performance

Raine has been going to music camp this week. It is the second time she's done it (two years ago). This time Ezekiel, her best friend, went too. They were in different groups - probably a good thing - but they still got to see each other at breaks and before and after. The music camp does singing, dancing, and some basic musical instruments, like an amazing array of xylophones, tambourines, and some other percussion type instruments. They spend the week learning and preparing a performance, which is done on Friday. Yep. Today was the day.

The people who put the camp together have a theme story for the week, and this week was Van Gogh's Cat. Each group had a song to play, one to sing, and a dance, and the 3 groups did several songs as a combined group as well. It went very well, and was a good performance, and I think that it is totally amazing that they put it together in one week.

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